Ian, the Navigator

As we were heading to Pittsburgh, the GPS app I have always used would not keep a connection. We were in a fairly remote area and while I was pretty confident service would return by the time I really needed it, I was a little panicky.

I asked MJ to look an address up for me but she couldn’t look at the screen for more than a few seconds without feeling carsick.

That left Ian.

Luckily he has excellent math and spatial skills and is not old enough to be a man who “doesn’t need no stinkin’ map.”

In fact, he was quite the opposite. He loved being the navigator. The boy got us all the way to IKEA using a different app on my phone.

Talk about proud. He kept saying, “I can’t believe you trusted your 10-year-old son to get you all the way to the Steel City…Pittsburgh…really?” (Did I tell you he’s a huge Steelers fan even though we are in Browns country?)

The rest of the trip he was in charge of the GPS. The app was finally working except for the sound. He got us to our hotel, downtown, and out of the city calling out road names, exit numbers, and miles to go. He figured out how to search for restaurants and gas stations on our route.

He also informed me when I was even one mile above the speed limit.

Maybe it’s crazy I put a ten-year old in charge of navigation. It’s not like I let him drive. What’s the worst that would happen? We’d take a wrong turn? I’d have to take a detour?

I could keep my eyes on the road and he learned some valuable life skills without even realizing it.

His wife will surely thank me someday.

submarine.jpgI wish I had taken my better camera, but here he is navigating the USS Requin at the Carnegie Science Center.