More on Perspective

Last Friday night, as we were walking Blue, Ian came to the realization that we haven’t gone on a bike ride in forever. 

Thinking about it for a minute, it turns out “forever” is how long we’ve had Blue.

We spend a lot of time outside with him  – taking several short walks a day and playing outside while he’s safely tethered on his yard stake.

I told them that next weekend we’d pump up the tires and go on a ride if we had good weather.

Blue would have to stay home while we went, obviously.  He is not ready to run beside a bike, nor do I think he ever will be.

On Sunday night, while the kids were at their dad’s, I was looking online at the possibility of a basket or carrier that would allow Blue to go on a bike ride with us.

To my surprise, they do make such a thing.

Can I imagine him sitting in it?

Yes. And no.

Not to my surprise at all, the kids had different perspectives on the idea.

I sent a group iMessage with a picture of the first basket I saw:


Gotta love how MJ shoots down the idea rather quickly. Still, I decide to challenge my middle school daughter and press on and ask her WHY it is a bad idea….


And as an honest 8th grader, she tells it like it is….

I immediately start laughing and tears start to form in the corners of my eyes.

To torture her, I send her another picture to show her how “cool” it is.

And then, Ian, ever the optimist, joins the conversation….


(Thank you, Ian! I knew he’d be on my side!)

But his big sister gives him the “Talk to the Hand” emoji.

By now I am hysterically laughing to myself. The dog is looking at me like I’ve lost my mind.

And I send one more picture for laughs.

Looks like Blue won’t be taking any bike rides anytime soon.


The Best Kind of Blue

Not the kind of dumpy, sad “feeling blue” blue…..

Not the crystal blue water of the oceans I’ve never seen…

Not the blue that looks best on me or the blue I’ve chosen for a painting project….

So many times in 2013 the kids and I have felt the blues.

Diabetes and the end of a relationship where 4 kids were involved just really wreaked havoc on our emotions.

Yesterday we were feeling a new kind of blue.

Meet “Blue” – our brand new puppy!


Ian has been negotiating, bargaining, sweet-talking, begging, and giving me puppy dog eyes for the last few weeks. He had been even sending pics of puppies to Dee and coaching her to show them to me. (He originally asked for a dog back in the winter shortly after he was diagnosed and it killed me to say no, because I wanted to give him the world after his life was turned upside down).

Dee, the cool and quiet one, took a somewhat different approach and hung out with us a little more often when the topic was being discussed forced. (I’ve noticed that as she enters 8th grade she prefers to hang out in her room a lot more.)

So in the end, after a lot of reading on my part and sending them links to read on their iPods (educational summer reading)…

After considering my options, making phone calls, weighing pros and cons and evaluating our life….

We met and brought home Blue.


Why “Blue?”

I wish we could take credit for the name. It was what he’d been called the last three months. When I asked why (the other puppies were named Chaos and Alexander) she said,
“He was wearing a blue collar.”

Hmmmm…that might just be quirky enough to work.

And as we drove home with him we were able to make just about any song on the radio about Blue.

The best was probably Phillip Phillips’ song “Gone, Gone, Gone.”

“I will do it for Blue, for Blue!”

The rest of the night it just made sense…we bought a blue leash and collar, Ian drank blue G2 at a picnic, and chose a blue cupcake for dessert.

Each time he would proclaim with his eyes bright, “For Blue!”

When we returned home from the staff picnic it became official: He was Blue.


The final reason the name Blue just works….blue is often used for Diabetes Awareness.

I think it was meant to be!