Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

A refreshing drink break at Universal Studios Florida in 2011.


The D-mom in me is now wondering just how many carbs are in that drink!?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

This is a photo of a photo. The photo that sits on top of my computer desk.

This photo is the one I referenced in my post, There is Something I Just Don’t Understand .

I never gave them much candy anyway, but how ironic that this is the one pic I most strongly associate with life before diabetes.

Halloween 2004

Halloween 2004 – Disney Princess phase and Bob the Builder!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

Sometimes Ian joins me in my bed before breakfast. Ellie initially takes interest in him until he tries to get her to cuddle.  Then she scrambles away.  A few days ago he came to the conclusion: “She loves you most because you two are always together every day, even when we are at Dad’s.” (Imagine a tiny pouting face with a smile…I think he is secretly happy I have her as a companion when they are away.)

She’s fussy and random with her love. Usually early morning is the best time to cuddle up. Maybe she’s just hungry?