Thought #42: I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

When I refilled Ian’s prescriptions for the 3rd time since his diagnosis, the pharmacist said, “No charge.”


For January , I paid $509 for the first refill of Humalog and Lantus. (But let’s not forget lancets, test strips, ketone strips, syringes, and his Glucagon)

For February, I paid $50.

For March, “No charge.”

We had reach the maximum out-of-pocket.

In 52 days, we had spent enough money on medicine to not have to pay anything for the rest of 2013.

A blessing?

A relief?

Less paperwork to file with his dad’s insurance.

Grateful and thankful for my insurance plan.

I did a small jump for joy right there at the pharmacy counter.

And then on the way out, I thought, “Wow. This is sad.”

This is reality.

My boy has to rely on medicine that is so expensive that we’ve reached the max in less than two months.