New Pump Slump

I’ve been struggling to write a post about the new life we are living with the pump.  Ian got his OmniPod on March 10th, and the last two weeks have been….

Exhausting. Frustrating. Liberating. Challenging. Scary. Exciting. Annoying.  Freeing. Confusing.

Put all those emotions together…and I find myself in a New Pump Slump.

I find I don’t really want to talk about his pump with people, because it’s isn’t a magic cure.

People seem dumbfounded that he isn’t “regulated.”

People seem to think that he’s fixed now with this pump.

He’s not.

And while it is a handy-dandy, pretty amazing little piece of technology, and will eventually be so much better….I feel like we are starting over in many ways.

It’s not as scary as it was a year ago when we had so much to learn….

But it’s a change that requires  you to let go of the “control” you thought you had – giving up control and trusting this little plastic pod on his body to do the right things. Yes, we still have the power to adjust the bolus, set the basal…(don’t even get me started on the new vocabulary I’ve picked up in 13 days).

It’s hard.

What we knew worked for baseball and gym days and snacks and meals and bedtime….doesn’t work anymore.

When he goes from 170 to 44 during baseball…

When he doesn’t even feel his low of 38…

It feels like we are failing him….like we’ve forgotten everything we’ve learned.

I know that none of this is true. I know we are doing the best we can and this is just another huge lifestyle change that will get better with time.

But when you are sleeping no more than 3 hours at a time each night….it’s hard to see things that way.


Exciting News!

Ian’s getting a pump!! He’s chosen the OmniPod and it should be here today or tomorrow.  Hopefully our 4-hour training can be scheduled very soon and we can officially be on Team OmniPod!

Pump Practice

Back in the spring, the school nurse gave me a sample OmniPod and pamphlet. Not really ready to think about a change, I put it on the dresser where it collected dust.

A few weeks ago we had to cancel an appointment to learn about out pump options when we all had the flu.

The pump possibility has now been postponed indefinitely due to scheduling conflicts.

I was a tiny bit glad because I honestly didn’t want to deal with Ian dealing with any major changes.

But thinking about school parties and the fact we haven’t been freely able up stop and get ice cream at random times this summer…..

I too the OmniPod pamphlet out and read it.

I liked what I saw and what I had heard from others in the DOC.

I gave the sample to his stepmom and asked her to check it out.

She liked it right away but our schedule still kept us from proceeding with the endo.

Then a few days ago his dad sent me a text that he’d been wearing the sample on his belly for over 24 hours…not really fussing about it.

I have to admit, I never thought of putting the sample on him. But they watched a video and put it on and wore it for almost 3 days…sleeping, playing basketball (although he holds onto it when he runs) and showering.

I was a little taken aback when I saw the pod attached to his belly, maybe even a little queasy. I mean that with no disrespect to anyone who pumps. I think just the reality that this contraption sticking to the side of his body is supposed to be his pancreas now kind of sucker punched me.

I really think he will be ready to get a pump soon. He seemed “used to it” although he said he felt like it was going to fall off when he ran around.

We picked up a schedule of the pump classes at the hospital and are going to get it on our calendar soon. They will show us several different options and give us a demo, list the pros and cons, etc.

I am so glad that Ian’s dad thought to try the OmniPod sample. I know Ian well enough to know that he needs a lot of reassurance before he proceeds with anything new.

Now to do some research and prepare myself….