Flying Free

By Saturday afternoon life was back to almost normal here.  We managed to get outside, play some basketball, ride our bikes and take a walk. It felt so good to be free!

While I was making dinner, the kids were supposed to be picking some lettuce in the garden. When it took a little longer than I wanted, I opened the door to holler and MJ comes busting through the door, “I need my iPod. I gotta take a picture! Ian caught a butterfly!”

A minute later I hear a knock on the window, “Mom, come out here!”

Ian was holding an old butterfly net and trapped between his fist and the netting sat a big brownish-orange moth. It kind of looked like a dead leaf. It wasn’t moving and it wasn’t much to look at.

I almost said, “Um…I think that is a moth” but decided not to burst his bubble and instead offered, “That’s cool buddy. Did you take a picture?”

I went back inside and then another knock on the window, “Come see this, Mom! It won’t get off the net!”

Surprise! surprise! How pretty!

Surprise! surprise! How pretty!

Well, would you look at that?

Yet another lesson I have learned from my kids.

It wasn’t a plain old ugly moth at all.

In fact, it was an unexpected beauty when it got the chance to spread its wings and fly!