The Struggles of Being a Mother

Between being sick and fighting Ian’s highs and lows (major mood swings) it has been a long day. It was interesting to read all the Mother’s Day posts today – so many stories and so many great tributes. Some people were missing their moms. Some moms were missing their children. Some people are still waiting to be moms and some are *like* moms to many without ever giving birth.

No mom is perfect, and every mom has a battle or two to fight. Most of the moms I know do the best they can to make the best lives for their kids – whatever it takes, they’ll do it.

So to all the moms who are going to bed exhausted, frustrated, or worried, who face illness or financial strain, who have sassy-pants kids, troubled teenagers, clueless husbands, or who are complexly on their own, who work long hours outside the home or work at home without tangible pay, Happy Mother’s Day.

It’s not an easy job, but someone has to do it!



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