The Chicken or the Egg?

Oh, heavens!

This day.  This unbelievably exhausting day.

The kind of day that, after a while, all you can do is laugh.

I arrive at work at 7:15.

Ian is with me today because he has band.

He eats in my classroom before school starts.  His breakfast blood sugar is 374?!?!


Throw in moderate ketones, the inability to finish breakfast because he feels too sick to eat, an insulin  > carb intake, a hunt for juice in the cafeteria to try to compensate for some of the missing carbs….

And it’s now 7:55.

Class starts at 8:03. I haven’t even turned on my computer.


Oh yeah, and then the office does an all-call at 8:00 because they can’t find me…

An observer from an elementary school – which I completely forgot about – is here waiting in the office for me.

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

It was clearly going to be one of those days.

Better just roll with it.

I pull it together. She’s a first year teacher, I tell myself. I can fake her out. I can look good even though I am completely and totally flustered and frazzled.

I pull it off. We read an emotional chapter from our novel. It calms me down.

The next two periods are fine. I shuffle Ian out to the bus which will take him to his elementary school.

The observer leaves.

Then I see the email she sent last night to remind me she was coming.

I make a mental note to check why my work email is not coming to my phone.

I teach a couple more periods, get my sub plans ready for tomorrow during my prep, run home for lunch.

I arrive back from lunch, ready to tackle the last three periods.

Apparently I’ve missed some unmentionable craziness in the land of 7th grade during lunch.

What I wouldn’t give to have been there to see what happened…I’m still laughing out loud when I picture what has been described to me.

But it really isn’t funny; it’s an issue that must be dealt with.

Sometimes you just have to laugh.

I take a few phone calls from Ian…who is coming down off his high….and feels like crap.

Then a blood sugar crash of 65 an hour after lunch.

Awesome has left the building.

And then we get to the inspiration for this post. The story behind the title that seems completely random and nonsensical.

Because that’s just the kind of day it is.

You see, after the above-mentioned, unmentionable lunch period antics…my study hall is quietly working and I’m helping one student with his math when another student has a “REALLY IMPORTANT QUESTION.”

I think he’s going to burst if he doesn’t get an answer.

You know the question that is coming….

“Ms. K, what came first – the chicken or the egg?”

I don’t have the energy for this, yet it seems like the simplest thing that’s happened all day, and I am more than happy to have the debate.


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