Dreaming on a Saturday Morning

It’s not even 6:00 on. Saturday morning and I’m dreaming.

Wide awake and dreaming.

Dreaming of Saturday mornings past, when I could sleep until at least 8:00, because I didn’t have a bratty puppy and conniving cat who tag team me each morning at 5:25 a.m.

Dreaming of a way to profit from the intelligence of a bratty puppy and a conniving cat who can tell time on digital clock.

Dreaming of a way to teach the bratty puppy or the conniving cat to make my coffee and bring it to me in bed.

Especially on cold morning like this….

Wide awake and dreaming.

Dreaming of a boy who could handle the pre-game jitters of Upward basketball a little better than the nervous boy who started this wide awake dreaming at 4:55 a.m.

Dreaming of my warm bed, which I have been forced to abandon due to the nervous boy, the bratty puppy, and the conniving cat.

Dreaming of a win today at Upward basketball.

Because no one deserves to be on the worst team in every league you’ve ever played in for the last five years…

Wide awake and dreaming.

Dreaming of sunshine and temperatures above 65.

Dreaming of long walks with no destination and no bundled up layers. Just me, my bratty puppy, and some good music.

Dreaming of flip-flops, shorts, and sunglasses.

And then even though I’ve been forced from my bed, the alarm goes off at 6:00 a.m.

Because it’s game day. The last game day on the first cold day of March.

Wide awake, but holding onto the dreams.


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