A Sparkly Cure

Today the kids both had dentist appointments.  Since I had cancelled their early June appointments, we were more than 6 months from their last cleaning.

Which meant that Ian did not have diabetes the last time we were there.  I did not realize this until I was sitting alone in the lobby.

Finally!! See how normal diabetes has become for us?

As usual, they were running behind and we were running into lunch time so I told the hygienist to skip the fluoride today because we were going to need to eat lunch right away. (Insert puzzled look from hygienist but I still make no connection.)

30 minutes later they call me back for the exam.  The hygienist tells me that they moved MJ into the same room to sit with Ian while they waited for the dentist to do his exam “in case he didn’t feel good.”  I realized that Ian must have said that he had diabetes.   Good boy!

(Here come my zillion questions: Do you feel ok? Do you feel low? Do you feel high? Are you hungry?)

The dentist finally comes in….No cavities! (Since they never eat candy or sugary food/drinks I was not too surprised!)

On the way home I asked the kids how the whole diabetes topic came up.  Ian told me their conversation.


Hygienist: So why do you have to eat lunch right away?

Ian: I have diabetes.

Hygienist: Oh, you do? That’s not in your chart. Do you take medicine?

Ian: Yeah, I get 4 shots a day.

Hygienist: You get shots????!!!!


MJ then says, in her sarcastic middle school voice, eyes rolling, “Really? What do they think you do?  Put glitter on your forehead everyday?!”

If only a cure was that simple….


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