We need a change.

Monday is Ian’s next appointment with the endocrinologist.   I cannot wait.

We need a change.

He spends entirely too much time in the 200-300s and it is difficult to get a response from the doctor’s office.  They have a way to submit blood sugars online and they “will call you if they feel you need to make changes” but I feel like 1) the online feature is broken or 2) they aren’t reading my emails and notes regarding his blood sugar or 3) they’s changed the acceptable “in range” (just kidding, but seriously…..from what I can gather, the land of  >200 stinks….a lot.)

They are great doctors in a great hospital, don’t get me wrong.

And I know that there are MANY MANY kids being diagnosed and treated every day.  But still…..

What about my kid?

I am not happy about the fact that he has to be miserable and miss his afternoon snacks and be a grump butt and be tired and blah.

On Monday we are going to ask for a better plan – Permission and guidelines to make adjustments on our own without waiting for days for someone to call. (Leaving a message on the “hotline” isn’t any better. It says to give them 72 hours to get back with you and by then the weekend has rolled around it seems.)

I have a feeling his A1C will be up from the last time.

That stinks.

We thought we’d be in big time pump planning mode by this point but we had to cancel a few weeks ago when the flu hit us.

That stinks.

He’s starting school with crappy blood sugars.

That stinks.

I hate things that stink.

My attitude included, but We. Need. A. Change.


15 thoughts on “We need a change.

    • Do you go to a pediatric endo still? I think our children’s hospital is just bombarded with cases. In the first 24 hours after his diagnosis, seven other children were diagnosed with T1D.

      • Yes, I see a pediatric endo still, about three hours from where I live. I live in such a small town! Wow, that’s a lot! My doctor is really busy, but has a lot of other nurses/CDEs/other doctors that work with her so I guess it all balances out. Sounds like they need a bigger team or need to stop accepting new patients for a few months.

      • I think it’s just the nature of the disease and the fact that it’s a great children’s hospital that covers a large area. I don’t know how they could turn people away.

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