Only 7 Months Ago…

My mom and stepdad are coming over to see us tonight after dinner.

The last time my mom and stepdad saw Ian was when they dropped us off at the airport on Dec. 30th.  My mom’s boss flew the three of us to visit them in Virginia for Christmas. My nephew had been born about a month early so it worked out we got to see him as well.

At that time, we did not know Ian had diabetes.  We found out 5 days later.

Will it be weird for them? Will it be weird for us? The shots, testing blood sugar, counting carbs, the structure and schedule.

As I was making peanut butter sandwiches at lunch I thought how normal it is now to measure out the peanut butter with a tablespoon.  How “every-day” it is to put grapes on the scale and measure the G2 in the little plastic measuring cup before pouring it in a cup.

Our lives have changed so much since we saw them last. I am sure as grandparents it killed them to not be able to be here when he was first diagnosed.

It’s just a funny feeling. It feels like our lives have always been this way.  In reality, it’s only been 7 months.


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