Last night I dropped Ian off at his friend’s house for a party.   Things like this are not easy for a D-mom.

It’s scary to send him somewhere I will not be.

Luckily, this boy’s dad is diabetic (Type 2) and a teacher and their older son has friends with Type 1.

They also live about a block away.

And Ian’s friends all look out for him.

I had to stick around a little while before they got to dig in to the pizza so I could give Ian his shot. The host of the party, a charming little dude, says, “Guys we gotta let Ian do his thing and then we can go eat in the basement.”

After a brief review of emergency procedures, I left feeling pretty good. (He has been over there several times so this was just a review.) Ian seemed comfortable. His parents were comfortable and I knew I wouldn’t be far away.

The parents took the boys to play basketball at a church after dinner and his mom texted me to let me know all was well.

The original plan was to go back at 9:15 and bring him home for the night.  Some of the boys were staying over, but we are still working on that. 😉

When MJ and I stopped over at 9:15 (after some dinner and shoe shopping) and the boys were playing tag and having a blast.

And Ian reeeeeealllly wanted to stay and watch a movie with them, after they had a fire.

Since it was only a block away, and since he was having  a stellar blood sugar day, and since he was so nice when he asked…I told him he could stay til 11 when the mom was “pretty sure the boys would be zonked out.” (Haha!!)

So I gave Ian his Lantus, chatted for a few minutes and then asked him what he thought he would eat for his bedtime snack.

He cut me off…”Mom, I got this. I will eat like 15 carbs here and then have some milk when I get home at 11:00. I know what to do.  I’m good. I promise.”

And when I picked him up at 11:00, he was ready to go. He was sweaty and stinky and tired and happy.

All a boy could want.


2 thoughts on “Independence

    • Thank you! I think each time we do something like this it will make things easier. He was just at the age where he was sooooo close to being more independent – walking to his friend’s house, walking home from school, going to the pool with his older sister. Now I feel like that has been stripped from him.

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