Speed Testing

Maybe it’s just Ian’s personality but he thinks checking his blood sugar takes “FOREVER.”

Especially if he is playing outside or if he is high (then everything is a power struggle).

Tonight we were getting ready to go on a bike ride about two hours after dinner. Since he’s been running more in his range lately I am anticipating some lows in the near future. (I honestly don’t remember the last time he had a juice box.)

So I suggested he test quick before we left so he/I wouldn’t have to worry. (He asks “What if I’m low?” all the time.)

He gives me that sigh and eye roll and says “It’ll take forever.”

I challenge him. “Time it on your watch.”

I emptied the string bag right there in the driveway.

Test strip.
Oops spilled a few.
Alcohol wipe.

131. Impressive number.

Even more impressive? 52 seconds from start to finish. (Would have been less had I not spilled the lancets!)

Ian couldn’t deny that was indeed fast but it’s his nature to prove a point and win a challenge, “Yeah, well next time it will be slower….or faster… (His eyes light up). Hey, how fast do you think we can do it next time?”

That’s my boy…


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