Thought #51: It’s just background noise.

Five months ago today, Ian was diagnosed. Five short months ago…not even half a year.

And our life has changed in so many ways  because of diabetes.

The greatest thing is that finally, I feel like diabetes is not the only thought running through my head. It is not the focus of every moment. It is not the first thing I think of in the morning.

It does not make Ian cry.

It does not limit our outings or our experiences.

It is just background noise.

It is overshadowed by laughing and singing, by awesome plays at baseball games, by a 1st place ribbon for being the fastest 4th grader on Track and Field Day.

It has a quiet presence in our day-to-day activities.

It is always a factor but no longer center stage.

It is not in control, but something we control.

At baseball.

At school.

At mealtimes.

At bedtime.

On bike rides.

On the trampoline.

While making the grocery list.

While planning an outing.

It has all become second nature.


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