Thought #49: Life is full of unavoidable disappointments.

Like any parent, I want to protect my kids from disappointment. This seems even more pressing now.

Ian’s already been hit with diabetes. I don’t want him to feel any more stress, or pain, or sadness or even mild disappointment because, honestly, and maybe I’m being dramatic…I feel like it’s Just. Not. Fair.

When his favorite teams loses in the NCAA tournament.

When it starts raining right after we go outside to play.

When I burn the last Pop-tart on a Saturday morning.

When he can’t have the Star Student cupcake on Friday afternoon.

When his basketball team loses with a buzzer-beater.

When people let him down.

When he loses people who are very special to him.

When people break his heart.

As a family, we have suffered great disappointment and loss in the past three months and as a mother, I would do anything to be able to put a giant bubble around my kids. Shelter them from any storm. Build a wall to block the bad guys.  Make every day a sunshiny day.

I know that’s not realistic. And I know that I can’t control every aspect of his life.

But I try. I try really hard. And I know I’ve got to snap out of this. I’ve got to let life happen to him and teach him how to deal with the unavoidable disappointments life throws his way.


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