Thought #45: Breaks don’t seem like breaks.

There are stretches of days when Ian and his sister are at their dad’s and I get a “break.”

A break from counting carbs, checking blood sugars, and giving shots.

That doesn’t mean diabetes is not on my mind, but I do feel like I can relax and rest and recover. I try very hard to do things for me and not think so much about diabetes. I do the grocery shopping. A little cleaning. Read and write. I do school work. I watch reality tv without interruption or guilt. And when it happens to be nice, I go for a walk.

Last week was a busy one at school as I had parent-teacher conferences.  So it worked out for them to be with their dad for five days straight.

And then, on Friday, I pick Ian up from school and bring him home and it’s like someone flipped a switch.

Game on.

I am instantly in crazy mom mode, counting carbs, figuring out what we’ll have for dinner, looking over his log book, and actively thinking about diabetes.

It’s like they were never gone.

It wipes away all the rest and relaxation.

It’s like the break that never was.


One thought on “Thought #45: Breaks don’t seem like breaks.

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