Thought #37: When You’re Up, You’re Up

There is a cheer I remember from my cousin’s pee-wee football games over 30 years ago.

When you’re up, you’re up.

When you’re down, you’re down.

When you’re up against DIABETES

You’re upside down! 

I am realizing each day this could not be more true.

After a few weeks of more and more frequent lows, we are now experiencing a high trend.

I don’t understand and I don’t like it.

I don’t like feeling out of control, or as the cheer says, upside down!

I asked a new friend recently when I would learn to accept the fact that just when it feels like things are stable, they quickly change. I would think after 6 weeks, I’d be used to that fact.

Her words were , “You won’t accept it….just hang in there….you don’t have a choice.”

As a fairly emotional person, the constant ups and downs really do a number on me.

Somehow, on some level, I need to be ok with the ups and downs, the highs and lows. I need to be able to look at number, see it as a number, treat it, and move on.

High numbers do not mean I am failing at managing his diabetes.

Low numbers do not mean I am not doing my best at controlling his diabetes.

A perfect number (whatever that is) does not mean I’ve mastered diabetes.

Blood sugar numbers are not scores or ratings. And this is not a game or competition.

This is life…and the most important number is ONE.

One day, one hour, and one blood sugar at a time.

They are just numbers.


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