Thought #35: Bittersweet Valentine’s Day

Today was a “Hallmark” holiday. A holiday that revolves around being sweet to your sweethearts and eating sweets.

I usually never go to class parties. I donate items or money, but I don’t do parties.

This year, I went to Ian’s party.

I had to be sure that he was not tempted by the sugar in his classroom.

That makes me sad.

My kids have never been allowed to have lots of sweets, but on a holiday like today…they get their share.

And today I had to deny him part of the joy of Valentine’s Day.

He had two Hershey kisses and less than half a cup cake. I told him to savor it…but he pretty much inhaled it. He teased me by trying to poke his fingers in the pink fluffy icing I had scraped off the top.

I hate that he has limits like this. I hate that a disease keeps him from partaking as others do.

Obviously, I want to protect Ian from diabetes and the dangers that surround him.

But it’s hard because I am the mom of a little boy who just wants to be a little boy. I need and want to protect his feelings.

This morning Ian forgot to eat his morning snack and he had a new all-time low…42.

So as I’m at school trying to teach, I get a text from the nurse. Now I’m totally distracted from teaching and honestly, I was already a little bitter about the kids indulging in our school’s own bake sale today.

That sickening sweet smell of sugar and icing in our classrooms was kind of like a sucker punch. A reminder that our lives are different now and we have to rethink how we do parties and holidays.

But from here, just like every other new experience, we move forward.

We survived another new and unavoidable situation.

A bittersweet day for sure….





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