Thought #33: Be brave and face your fears.

We have had a lot of snow this winter and 3 weeks after Jan. 4th I took the kids and two of their friends sled riding at the church across the street. It’s only about a block away but I knew I needed to take snacks, juice, and have the car if something happened.

Well, sledding didn’t go well. There wasn’t enough snow nor did we have the proper equipment. We didn’t have any sleds so we tried using the lids to Rubbermaid totes.

Epic fail.

So the kids played a bit and all of a sudden Ian starts whining that “there isn’t enough room for him to play” and “it’s not fair that the girls get to have the whole park.”

He was talking nonsense and I knew something wasn’t right.

We hurried to the picnic shelter and I bust open our supplies.  Ian is shaking at this point, paler than I’ve ever seen him, and totally panicking.

I tried to stay calm and test his blood.  His hands were ice cold and wet from snow. The blood was not beading up, just running down his hands in a watery mess.

Finally, after 4 pricks we get a reading….46.

The lowest I’ve ever seen.

I felt like I could pass out.

I stayed calm on the outside.  I gave him a juice box  and spotted him so he wouldn’t tumble backwards off the picnic bench.

Marisa went to the car to get peanut butter crackers.  He ate them quickly.

He still looked bad.

What was I thinking? Why did I bring him sled riding? He can’t handle the cold. He has diabetes.

A half hour later we were at home, in warm dry clothes. Ian was back up to 99 and he was dancing around the living room batting a balloon around.   You’d never even know he was 46 just a bit ago.

:::::sigh of relief::::::

But in my mind I was thinking, I’m never taking him sledding again. He’ll never play outside in the snow again.  This sucks for him. He’s only 9-years-old.

Fast-forward through a week of more ice and snow, and eight days after the 46 in the snow….we have another Snow Day!

Hooray for no school!

Boo hiss for sled riding, which they desperately wanted to do.

My dad had called just a few days before and said he found some sleds in his workshop and we could come pick them up anytime we wanted to go sled riding.

If I had my way, we’d never ever do it again. We would not risk a low like that just to play in the snow.

But what did we do? What did I do?

I put on my brave face and we picked up the sleds and we bundled up and we drove the the church and I faced my fears.

I let him sled ride. I let him run in the snow. I let him throw snowballs at me when I pretended I wasn’t watching.

I went sledding. I took pictures. I laughed. I smiled.

It was a perfect snow day and an important moment for us. An important moment for me as a mom, and for the kids.

I learned from my mistakes…an extra 25 grams before venturing out in the cold for sled riding seemed to help keep him stable.

I learned that we cannot live in a bubble. We cannot let a bad experience ruin us. We cannot hide from things that scare us.

We have to get up, brush ourselves off, and face our fears.

When we fail, we have to be brave enough to try again.




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