Thought #31: I hate being separated from him.

It is very hard to let Ian out of my sight….let alone out of my care.

School, field trips, his dad’s (although I know he is completely and totally cared for there), and his friends’ houses.

Honestly, I get nervous even going outside to shovel the snow.  Like today, he was playing Wii and I had to shovel, but I felt like I left a toddler alone in the house.

Tonight I dropped him at his friend’s house for about an hour. He lives right down the street and I can get there in less than a minute…but it’s still weird to me.

Will he stop playing and test if he feels low?

Will he eat something he shouldn’t?

I talked to his friend’s mom and she understood all the rules and her husband has diabetes (although Type 2) so I know he will really be ok.

And right when I needed it, his mother sent me a text to tell me they are having a blast and laughing and doing just fine.

(Sigh of relief!)

It’s hard, but I know it will get easier. I just feel super overprotective right now.


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