Thought #24: You continue to amaze me.

The first day you met me at the car after school with your little post-it notes in your own handwriting my heart felt so big it could burst.

I was so proud of you. So amazed that you took your own blood sugar (under the secretary’s watchful eye) and wrote it down in your 4th grade hand-writing.

I could tell you were proud as well and that it gave you a sense of control over this thing that you really have no control over.

And then two nights later, you asked your sister to press the button on the lancet and pierce your finger.  You put it in place, you told her what to do, and you said, “Good job.”

Do you know how good that must have made her feel? To have a part in your care? To be included?

What an amazing person you are!

After that I asked her if she could measure your cereal and milk and peanut butter for your snack while I did your insulin. Again, this gave her a chance to do something for you and for me and I think she liked it.

Thank you for being such a good role model for me!


One thought on “Thought #24: You continue to amaze me.

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