Thought #23: The good moments are gold.

Ian’s first basketball game was a huge milestone in this battle.

After a rough week of his lowest recorded blood sugars and being sick after practice, game day had this ominous feel to it.

But this boy shined out there on the court. He was happy and pumped and looked healthy and felt good. He made two baskets for 4 of the 18 team points and despite a loss, it was a good, good thing.

He was so afraid that he would feel low, be sick, or do poorly and for none of those things to happen…what a blessing when we needed it most.

Yesterday was, by far, my best day since his diagnosis, and I am hopeful that it is a sign of better days to come.

Even if we have a bad day now, perhaps we can hold onto those golden moments of yesterday when things felt almost normal.


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