Thought #18: I am a single mom with two kids and one of them has diabetes.

I have the kids 50% of the time.  I guess, if anything, the advantage to that is I do get a “break” from diabetes…in terms of testing blood sugars, giving meds, and not waking up at night.

But when they are with me….they are only with me.  Two kids who have homework, who want to play with friends, who want to play with me, who make a mess in the kitchen, who need laundry washed, who need to be fed, who want to go places.

It’s hard enough being a single mom. To be a single mom of a child with diabetes….

The first few nights were scary.  I had no back-up.

My ex and his wife were totally fine with me texting them or calling them at any time. They understood that while they could double-check and verify blood sugars and insulin doses with each other, I had no one to ask.

And no one to lean on. No one to just steal a hug from. No one to tell me to go lie down for a few minutes. No one to run to the store quickly, or to watch the kids while I run out.

Yes, I have family and a boyfriend who are great moral support and are always there for me.

But in my home on a regular’s me and two kids…and one of them has diabetes.


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