Thought #15: I’m so tired.

The exhaustion set in after the first night.  I barely slept as I laid beside him in the hospital bed.

The second night was better. We both showered before bed and were either a little more relaxed or just so exhausted, it was easier to sleep.

In fact, we both slept through the 2 a.m. blood sugar check.

Every night since then has been exhausting.

Falling asleep is difficult, no matter how tired I am.

Sleeping soundly is difficult, as I wait for the alarm to go off for another 2 a.m. check.

A low blood sugar at 2 a.m. makes sleep afterwards practically impossible.

The thinking, the thought, the emotions…it’s all so very draining.

Sometimes I say it’s like having a newborn.  You need to sleep. You need your rest. Yet, you can’t. And the baby still gets up during the night.

But in this case, you get up to check on your baby.


One thought on “Thought #15: I’m so tired.

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