Thought #14: If anyone can do this, it’s Ian.

One of the best things about Ian is that he loves challenges. He is so competitive and so driven.

He loves reality t.v. shows – The Amazing Race, Big Brother, Survivor, American Idol, and The Biggest Loser. (In fact, he wanted to be on the Biggest Loser at one point…to which I said, “Um, no you don’t.”)

My boy is good with math. As a 4th grader, he’s got some mad mental math skills. On night #2 at the hospital, he determined 3/4 of a banana would let him reach his 60 g mark.

Ian loves all sports. He watches ESPN and knows stats and players and records. He knows the game of football amazingly well for a 4th grader who’s never actually played on a team. A few days before his diagnosis he was sitting in a room with four adult men and they were watching a bowl game. None of the adults understood the call; Ian was able to explain it to them perfectly. They were amazed.

Ian is stubborn and he is passionate. He likes to be in control of his life and he likes to know what is going on. Sometimes it can be difficult, because he’s only 9 and he can’t make ALL the decisions.

Ian is an optimist. A few years ago he spent 10 days watching bits of at New England Patriots game we had DVRd. He knew who won but he was still insistent on watching it. “They could still come back and win it in the end, Mom!!”

He hears “Probably not” as “definitely maybe” and he never gives up when he wants something. NEVER.

All of these traits are crucial to him coping with and handling his diabetes and taking part in the management aspect of it.

So for Ian, diabetes will be his life challenge. And he’ll be a survivor.


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