Thought #9: We will do whatever we have to do.

Having shared parenting is challenging enough….but it was obvious from the first moments in the emergency room that Ian’s dad and I would do anything and everything to take care of him.

I don’t know a parent who wouldn’t do this for their child.

But I’m talking about more than getting along for the sake (and health of a child).

I’m talking about doing whatever is necessary….

Staying up late, waking up at  2 a.m., giving shots, testing blood, reading, recording and logging, calling and reporting….all of it…there is nothing that I will say no to, nothing I will balk at, nothing I will refuse to do or blow off because it seems like a minor detail.

It is at the moment when your child is this sick that you realize you would do anything to take away their pain and fear.

I’d take a zillion insulin shots and give hundreds of vials of blood if it meant he would not have to.




One thought on “Thought #9: We will do whatever we have to do.

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