Thought #6: This explains a lot.

Once Ian’s diabetes was confirmed, I knew that I had the answer to a lot of questions about his behavior.

Over the past year and a half or so, he and I had been at odds a lot. I know talking back and being stubborn are part of being a little boy, but there were days and nights when he and I had screaming matches.

At one point this summer it was so bad I told his dad that if he didn’t shape up soon, I was going to see about getting him into counseling.

Now I strongly believe that his behavior was very much related to his blood sugar and his illness.

Our worst times were in the late afternoon, after school, before a snack. When he was hungry, watch out….he was mean.

Ian also had a weird obsession with food. Not so much about eating – he’s never been a great eater – but about the details of eating.

“When are we eating?”

“What are we having?”

“Will I like it?”

“What if I don’t?”

“Will there be enough?”

I was very frustrated with these questions and both my parents and my boyfriend had commented on this behavior.

I strongly believe that subconsciously, Ian knew that how he ate and what he ate affected his mood.

Irritability, short temper, crankiness, agitation….these are all things I saw in Ian.

And honestly, things I couldn’t deal with. I took it personally. I felt like a horrible mom for not being able to control his behavior. I was bothered about why he was so worried.

With a diagnosis of diabetes, I feel like I have an explanation for the way he behaved. My little boy could not control his emotions and behaviors and questions when his pancreas was failing him.


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