Thought #4: Why didn’t we know?

On some level, we all knew it…at least in the 6 days prior to his appointment. But why not earlier? Why didn’t we see the signs?

I have to keep telling myself that I did realize it as soon as it was evident. The excessive thirst, the increased urination while we were on vacation after Christmas.

Those two things were enough to warrant the call to his dad when we landed in the Atlanta airport and then the pediatrician, which led to this.

But, why not sooner? Could I have figured it out any earlier?

Looking back, to just two weeks before his diagnosis, Ian had the flu. The general fever, achey, run-down bug that everyone at school had. It was taking out kids by the masses at both my school and his. He fought an on-off fever for a week.

This is what pushed him into diabetes. This fever was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

His body had had enough and started crying out for help…literally begging for drinks and constant trips to bathroom, even through the night. When we heard those cries, we knew.

Until then, he was silently fighting a losing battle.

They say you should trust your gut and that night on the plane was when my gut told me something was wrong. As much as I tried to ignore it and come up with other explanations, I knew.


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