Thought #12: Thank goodness for texting.

One of the hardest things for me to do was talk on the phone that weekend.

I made a few phone calls on the hour drive to Akron. Ian was in his dad’s car in front of me, so I would have some time to make some calls.

I called my sister who is a nurse. She was professional and matter-of-fact and reassuring, although I am sure she knew it was far more serious than I did at the time.

I called my best friend in another state and left a message. I could easily state the facts (“Ian has diabetes. We are going to the hospital. We will be there a few days.”) but it was when I went to hang up that I got choked up.

The same thing happened with each additional phone call…to my friend Stacy, and to my boyfriend.  The “good-bye” was the hardest part.

For the rest of the weekend, I only used texting to communicate with others.

It offered privacy as I sat in the room with my ex-husband and his wife and with Ian, who did not need to hear the details.

I was able to send mass texts and carbon copies to dozens of people.

I could constantly and easily be in touch with my parents, my daughter and my boyfriend without having to disguise the shakiness in my voice.

I did talk to MJ’s best friend’s mom because I needed to have a back-up plan for her. Knowing that at this time she was dealing with her father’s cancer  I was somehow able to talk a little easier to her, or at least not be afraid to let her hear my voice quiver.


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